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Thread: "Document Size" is grayed out in IC-305 v3.0 driver

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    Default "Document Size" is grayed out in IC-305 v3.0 driver

    "Document Size" is grayed out in IC-305 v3.0 driver. The driver always shows the document size as 8.5x11
    I have noticed there is a tab in the Printing Preferences for document settings under the Printer & Faxes menu, but it does not show when selecting file - print - preferences.
    If you change the setting in the tab, the driver still will show as 8.5x11.
    I have received multiple notifications of this issue, but no one has found a fix.
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    “Document Size” control is not available by design in Fiery Driver v4, which was first introduced in v3.0 KM IC-305 Fiery controller. New Fierys being introduced by other OEM’s will have same functionality.

    Basically, the Page Size set in the application’s Page Setup (or equivalent) is used by Fiery Driver v4, making it unnecessary for user to set it in driver, or to check it.

    For most users, this change is not problematic, and may even be preferred. But for some, who are used to the way the Fiery driver worked before, this can be confusing/frustrating.

    The issue you bring up in your post has been reported by others as well. KM has escalated this issue to EFI for investigation. The jury is still out as far as whether any changes are forthcoming in regards to Fiery Driver 4’s functionality.

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