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Thread: How often do you calibrate your Fiery?

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    Default How often do you calibrate your Fiery?

    Hi, I work in the planning division of EFI, and I'm interested in your feedback!

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    Write-in option:
    "Only when I reinstall system software"

    In all seriousness, I only calibrate before a job which needs critical color. Most of the time speed is more important.
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    LOL, when a customer asks me that (and they always do), my standard answer is, "How often do you have s*x?" There's no one answer that is correct for everyone.

    Edit: Oops, I got bleeped!

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    after I reinstall the system

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    My production clients do not calibrate often due to the inconsistencies and difference between certain colors. They are color specific for a certain green and are happy not to calibrate.Last calibration has been in 2 months.

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    on a A2100 + Canon IPC6000VP I calibrate once on installation and Fogra control is always smiling

    on a A1100 + Canon IPC6000 calibrating is a shame and give absolute disaster, I spend hours to try to obtain something right ... and finally I adjust the color by hand on the Canon .... sorry

    on Q1/2 + Canon IPC1 on installation then around twice a year (we have about 15 machines)

    on H1 + Canon CLC4040 never because of bad results
    on J1 + Canon irc2880 never because of bad results

    I have always my own EyeOnePro with me.

    E.T. (France)
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    Default Printer needs to be warm!

    We calibrate every morning but for critical work the printer needs to be up to operating temperature (push ten sheets through) before a new calibration produces the desired result. We use an EyeOne to calibrate NOT the scanner.

    A bit of patience and the repeat jobs turn out fine

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    Default Xerox 700 Calibration

    On average, we calibrate every 2 hrs or about 4-5 times daily. We do notice a considerable difference in print quality at those intervals. Some jobs are obviously much more sensitive than others.

    Ben Z

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    Default A3100 - Canon C7000VP

    We calibrate our A3100 + Canon IPC7000VP at least once a day

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    Default Konica C6500

    We calibrate once every morning after warm-up and before every color critical job. I brought in my old X rite DP41 to use instead of the EFI ES1000 since it seemed so inconsistent depending on who was doing the scanning.

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