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Thread: How often do you calibrate your Fiery?

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    Default What a difference the company makes

    We used to have to calibrate often, daily in some cases with our Konica gear. Our Xerox gear is much more stable, and requires far fewer calibrations to keep it running consistently. We also find that the quality of the HVAC in the office can have a big effect on how well a machine keeps to its calibration over time.
    Brian Miller
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    Default Fiery Calibration

    I will calibrate and run gray calibrations when the MFP's are installed or the Fiery's are updated or replaced. The actual MFP's have thier own calibrations.
    Machine level calibrations seem to be more critical since they actually set up the MFP to nominal levels based on the physical characteristics, vs software adjustments.

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    A2100 on a Canon C6000. We normally calibrate first thing in the morning.

    Today however... I have a job on 13x19, 4 colour. There are several sheets and we are printing them 300 sheets at a time. The background has about 15% black. By the time we hit sheet #300 the background is green.

    So... we are calibrating THIS job every 300 sheets.


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