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Thread: MAC 10.6 drivers for CLC1100 with e40 Fiery

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    Question MAC 10.6 drivers for CLC1100 with e40 Fiery

    Is there any workaround to get this to print from MAC OSX 10.6? It may be a Fiery e400 or e40. Worked fine with 10.4 or 10.5 but customer went to 10.6 now nothing prints from that Laptop. I know it is old but you know how customers can be. Thanks in advance. tva

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    Thank you very much for your post.

    I believe you are referring to the ColorPASS Z400e and Z40e.

    Your best bet would be to try a generic Color PS printer driver as there is no direct driver support for OSX 10.6.

    Please be advised that, as these are old products, the PS interpreters used in them are a few versions out of date. As a result, print output may be unpredictable.

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