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Thread: CWS 5.1.1 release is available

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    Default CWS 5.1.1 release is available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Command WorkStation 5.1.1 for both Macintosh and Windows, as an update to the 5.1 version.

    The software can be downloaded and installed on top of an existing installation. Please note that if you have installed client software on a workstation received with a System 9 Fiery, and wish to install Command WorkStation 5.1.1, you should download and install an updated Fiery User Software Package from to install all of the Fiery applications. Choose “Fiery Application Package 3b” from the EFI Software section to download this package.

    Please note that Command WorkStation 5.1.1 and Fiery Application Package 3b versions cannot be installed directly on a System 9 Fiery and can only be installed on client workstations. The System 9 Fiery ships with a version of the Fiery Application Package already installed. Command WorkStation 5.1.1 can be installed on pre-System 9 Fierys that included Command WorkStation 4.

    The objective with this release is to resolve outstanding issues noted since we posted our last release.

    Other changes are documented in the following release notes:
    Print Servers running System 8 Release 2
    Command WorkStation version 5.1.1 now runs properly when it is installed on Print Servers
    running System 8 Release 2.

    Job Center
    Job Center not responding - Job Center is no longer unresponsive in Command WorkStation version 5.1.1.
    Renamed jobs - Renamed jobs now appear with their new names without manually refreshing Job Center.
    Preview - The preview in Job Summary now reflects changes made to the job in the raster preview.

    Device Center
    Virtual Printers - Virtual Printers using imposition templates now print with the properly defined sheet size. Virtual Printer descriptions can now include up to 255 characters.
    Color Management - Some descriptions in Color Management have been updated.

    Job Properties
    Expert Color Settings - Opening and closing Expert Color Settings repeatedly no longer causes Command WorkStation to stop responding.
    Perfect binder finishers - Command WorkStation version 5.1.1 resolves support issues in some in-line perfect binder finishers.
    Single-sided jobs - A double-sided cover can now be configured properly for a single-sided job.

    Fiery SeeQuence Suite
    Inserted pages - Pages inserted from Page View in SeeQuence Suite are now properly inserted in the specified location.
    Imposition templates - Information defined in an imposition template, including stack size, bleed values, trim marks, and custom paper size, are now retained for future use.
    Removed settings - Some imposition settings, including some gang-up settings and trim marks, are no longer removed once the job is processed or opened in Job Properties.
    Inserted tabs - Selecting “apply all” to inserted tabs now applies to all inserted tabs, not just to tabs inserted after this option is selected.

    Localization issues
    General localization issues - A variety of localization issues have been addressed, especially regarding inadvertent truncation of text displayed within Command WorkStation and improved rendering of special characters in different languages.

    Fiery Central
    Preview - The preview now disabled for jobs active in Flow.

    Fiery JDF
    UTC format - A due date sent with a JDF job in UTC format is now properly displayed.

    For archival purposes, previous versions are available from the following links.
    Command WorkStation v5.1.0: (Macintosh) (Windows)

    Command WorkStation v5.0.1.15: (Macintosh) (Windows)
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