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Thread: is there a new version on the rails

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    Question is there a new version on the rails

    i have downloaded version 1 from the fiery vue website and found that when i have added a print ( being my xerox 700) i can not specify it to go to the process and hold queue, it just shoots straight out of the print.

    also is there anyway we can specify the paper type or weight. for example, i want to put into a dialog box gloss paper 120gsm. this would help on our wastage reporting service.

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    Thank you for your feedback on this exciting new product. Sounds like you are an experienced Fiery user based on your questions. We designed Fiery VUE for our office users who need to quickly and easily create and print documents from Microsoft Office applications. The options you are inquiring about are features we do not anticipate these users would be familiar with and are not in the current version.

    We are we are capturing these requests and continue evaluating feedback as we continue to develop and define future product releases.

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