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Thread: Quark 8 and Fiery Impose

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    Default Quark 8 and Fiery Impose

    I have a 11x8.5 28 pg. document (calendar) Set up in Quark 8.
    I send it to hold on the 252.
    I then go through Impose to set it up for print. I have watched the tutorial and everything is good.
    In the tutorial it states to save the imposed file and then set up print info
    It says to go to finishing and select "saddle stitch" and Single fold to finish the job. I have the option to Single Fold but do not have the "saddle stitch" option on my Fiery CWS5.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Default RE: Quark 8 and Fiery Impose

    Finishing terminology, options, and workflows will vary from Fiery to Fiery depending on printer manufacturer and date of release. For your Fiery, the finishing option that you are looking for is listed under the 'Layout' tab's 'Normal' pane instead of the 'Finishing' tab. Under the 'Fasten Mode' job property, you will be able to select 'Fold & Staple', 'Folding Only', or 'Off'.

    Here is a workflow tailored specifically for your Fiery:
    1. Send print job to the hold queue.
    2. In CWS5, open job properties for your job.
    3. Go to the Finishing tab. Set the following:
    - Face Down Printing = Face Up
    - Output Tray = Booklet Output Tray
    4. Go to the Layout tab. Go to the Normal pane. Select the following:
    - Duplex = Top-Top
    - Fasten Mode = Fold & Staple
    5. Stay in the Layout tab. Go to the Impose pane. Click the 'Edit Impose Template' button. Modify an existing template or create a new one with the layout necessary for your booklet output. Save the template.
    6. Print job.
    7. Job will be printed as a folded and stapled booklet.

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