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Thread: Ricoh C2800 Will Not Print -- Fiery Intercepts

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    Unhappy Ricoh C2800 Will Not Print -- Fiery Intercepts

    We recently purchased a Ricoh C2800 copy machine.

    There is a function to pass a "User Code" to track department usage.
    So for example, Admin uses a 010 code, Sales uses 020, IT uses 030, etc.

    Printing is fine unless I activate the above function.....then the fiery intercepts the job and doesn't let it print. It is OK for Windows machines, but all of our Macs (version 10.6.2) stop printing. Ricoh says it is because Fiery has not released a 10.6 driver yet.

    Here is what they recommend (with corresponding links below):
    1st. Make sure the Macs are running Rosetta, I guess it dose not automatically install with 10.6
    2nd. Run the 10.6 printing update. A link to the update can be found on the Ricoh driver download site.
    3rd. Use the 10.5 ppd installer from the Ricoh driver download site for the MPC2800(E-3100)

    Mac Printing update
    Ricoh driver

    I have to be able to track by department, but I can't because of this issue.


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    Ricoh released the 64-bit Mac 10.6 drivers on February 18.

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