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Thread: Any plan to support legacy Fiery color servers?

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    Default Any plan to support legacy Fiery color servers?

    Hi all,

    I am a system analyst in Fuji Xerox Korea.
    Fiery VUE is great for office customers, I think.
    After a webninar session, I introduced this to my colleagues here.
    It looks good.

    But I found VUE only support for CERTIFIED printers only.
    In Korea, we don't sell DC250/260 and EX700 for 700DCP.

    There are lots of customers using our printers with fiery servers.
    So my question is that there is any plan to support other fiery servers, like bustled fiery for DC5065 and 700DCP or production fiery servers like EXP8000.

    If yes, it will be great tool for us to promote sales fiery servers.

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    Hi Sun,

    Thank you for your kind words. We are not planning to support all of our legacy Fiery Controllers with Fiery VUE. Are the models you mention still being marketed in Korea?

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