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Thread: Cut and Stack Offset

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    Default Cut and Stack Offset

    Lets say i have a "cut and stack" job that is 500 press sheets total. And I set the stack size to 250. So i have two stacks.

    Is it possible to tell the canon to offset those stacks when its printing them?

    I have to stand there waiting for the first stack to end and then pull it off the finishing tray otherwise the second stack with print on top of the first and i have to fan threw the entire 500 sheet to figure out where the two stack separate.

    I know there is such a thing and telling it how many copies to offset...but that doesn't work with this because the canon thinks the 500 press sheets is one copy.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks guys.
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    Hi Jordanh,

    For this workflow, the Fiery does not have that level of control over the stacker so it cannot tell the copier where to offset the stack.

    Many Thanks,


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