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    Default Webtools WebSetup

    We have:
    Konica Minolta CF3102
    EFI Webtools WebSetup V1.200.39

    We had an inhouse email server and when we scanned, an email would come directly into our inbox.

    The server died and we now have an outside email server. When I go to WebSetup and then to Network Setup, there is an exclamation point in a yellow triangle and the scanning/email does not work.

    I have changed the DNS setup (from inhouse to out), changed the domain to our doman (use to be the local domain with inhouse email server), and the outgoing and incoming email server names.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.


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    Question beware the evil Proxy Server

    Does your company use a proxy server? Ours does and it gets in the way of all sorts of services and functions.
    Perhaps your printer can't get out of the proxy server.

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