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Hi seantydingco

I'm pretty sure Canon never released an updated J1 driver for OSX 10.6.
I would almost expect odd behavior like this if the driver isn't fully supported on OSX 10.6

You may have better luck getting the Intel Mac driver from this Canon link J1 Drivers

Then after installing the driver, use EFI's 10.6 update tool available at this link

Beyond that, from what I've seen there is no support currently for OSX 10.6 for the J1. Probably a good time to get in contact with your regional Canon Support Organization and put in a request for this. Just a thought.
Thank you, I was reading through Canon's E-Support site and they did state that they do not support this Fiery, but the weird thing was when it was new and out of the box, I came in and installed the drivers with no issue.

But now after a few mounths the client had to reload his MAC OS, and thats when things started happening. I read through this whole thread and also the other thread in the Command Work Station sticky and I am going to try and do a complete un-install then try to reinstall the drivers again with the driver update tool.