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Thread: Head to Toe vs. Head to Head

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    Default Head to Toe vs. Head to Head

    Can someone explain why the head to toe and head to head switches depending on what program you print from and whether or not you send things to the hold?

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    I would be quite interested in knowing this as well. I thought it was just me.

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    Are you guys sending it directly to the machine as a network printer, using the Fiery as a print server, or do you have local drivers installed on the PC's/Mac's you're sending the file from?

    From my own experiance, I found that using the Fiery as a network printer yields the best results. I know it sounds stupid, because if you have a local driver, then it's probably the same as the one on the Fiery anyway, but after weeks of fiery rebuilds and local PC rebuilds, profile wipes I found this to be the best option (I can update the Fiery's, but Microsoft updates to the local PC's are out of my control).
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