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Thread: Vista, XP or 2000?

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    Default Vista, XP or 2000?

    Hi All - back again!

    Perhaps someone could verify something for me - I have had so many conflicting suggestions as to what the cause of various problems I have been having with CWS5 could be that I am totally confused!

    I am running CWS5 on Vista Business - I have been told "Ooh no, you don't want to run it on that, you want to run it on XP"! Does it run better if compatibility mode is active? Should be running on a dedicated server?

    What platform does CWS5 run best on - Vista, XP or 2000?

    Konica Minolta bizhubpress C1085 - Fiery System FS150 Pro
    Fiery IC-308 v2.0 - CWS SP2 on Windows 7 Pro SP1

    Konica Minolta bizhub Pro C6501 (65C-KM V 3.0) - Fiery System 9
    Xerox DC250 (DC250 V 1.2) - Fiery System 8e Release 2
    Fiery Pro80 65-55C-KM PS Color Server 3.0a eu - CWS 5 ( on Windows XP SP2

    EFI CWS 6.1 ( on Dell Studio XPS running Windows 7 Pro
    AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.00GHz 4Gb RAM

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    Hi Gavin,

    As you may know many PC users still prefer Windows XP over Vista while other users prefer Vista over XP. With respect to CWS5 though it would seem you've recieved some misleading information. Features and funtionality should be the same when running CWS5 on XP or Vista.

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