OK...good news then. EFI released to KM a fully 10.6 compatible driver for this Fiery/version.

But I see they don't have it posted!

So, go to:


username: customer
password: cu$Tom3r

Look in folder /IC-408 v2.0/Mac Driver patches for "1-167NFP is compat with 10.6.zip"

Download it.
Run Fiery Mac uninstaller again to remove existing Fiery printer and driver files.
Then install downloaded driver according to it's release note, then configure printer.

This time you WILL NOT still need to run "Apple Mac OSX 10.6 Fiery Driver Updater" after installing printer, since new driver is already 10.6 compatible.

This site will need to have this driver installer available for those who wish to print to Fiery from 10.6, as driver downloaded from Fiery itself is not 10.6 compatible