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Thread: EX8002 - Calibration with ILS

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    Angry EX8002 - Calibration with ILS


    I've just installed our new EX8002 at Xerox France. I need more explanations about Calibration with ILS.
    The "new" EX8002 user documentation refers in fact to EX8000... so no explanation about ILS - even if I've tried and it's rather simple - and no explanation about how Fiery is creating new output profiles.. CPS2 modules included ????
    Hope you can help me

    Best regards.

    BTW . will be fine also to update Fiery for IGen4 documentation. It refers actually to the previous one.
    Also no topics about ILS.

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    Arrow Please Check the "Customer User Addendum"


    In both cases, please review the "Customer User Addendum" documentation, which is included with the product. In both cases the information you are looking for is included in these docs.

    Thank you,


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