View Full Version : Mixed up color

07-16-2009, 02:50 PM
Can anyone explain how to correct the following problem:
Create a vector graphic in Illustrator (0-100-100-0), save it as an eps. Import the eps into either InDesign or PageMaker. Type some text anywhere on the page and fill it with 0-100-100-0. Also draw a box on the same page and fill it and stroke it with the same 0-100-100-0. Print it to a Canon imagePRESS C1 using a Q1 rip (we have 2 of these machines). The vector art and the box will print screened (approx. 0-95-95-0), but the text will print 0-100-100-0. If we print separations of the same file to the same machines, the separations are accurate 0-100-100-0.