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05-28-2009, 08:56 AM
Hi Sharon and Paul, I hope life is good for you!

Another small question then, if you do not mind: I have noticed that when I upload an DeviceLink profile I still have to assign source and output. In the ppd I however can select the devicelink without making the connection (which is great and the way it should be) Question is, why do I still have to make the link when I upload? Is it because you need an output profile for the calibration set?

Thanks in advance for your answers, it is appreciated as ever

Kind regards

John Dekker

05-28-2009, 09:07 AM
Hi John,
With Command WorkStation 5 we have tried to make the workflows more intuitive and easy to use. However, the same underlying functionality of the Fiery to which you are connected doesn't change regardless of whether you are using Command WorkStation 4 or 5.

Within Command WorkStation 5 you can now see a radial button for Device Link Profiles which when selected will allow you to identify which Device Link Profiles are installed on your system. By selecting one of the visible device link profiles as the RGB or CMYK source file once you click on Output Profiles, you still need to select the corresponding Output Profile. But this is easy, because the corresponding output profile will be highlighed with an icon that looks like a chain.

Once these two connections are made, you will see that same chain like icon on the arrows displaying the connection between the Source Profile and the Output profile.

Even if you don't select the device link radial button, and instead you just select a source profile and and output profile that corresponds to a connected devicelink profile this will still work, again highlighted with an icon that looks like a chain on the arrows between the Source Profile and the Output profile.

Essentially the functionality of your Fiery will remain the same as before. We have used Command WorkStation 5 to try to make this more intuitive.

Sharon Henley