View Full Version : FOGRA Media Wedge with Fiery

05-21-2009, 09:23 AM
Please explain a little more about the FOGRA Media Wedge and the Altona Test file.

Let me first start by pointing out that the passing of the Altona Test Suite and the inclusion of the FOGRA media wedge are two separate features.

The Altona Test allows us to understand the integrity of the workflow; Can the Fiery support PDF/X Output Intent, Spot-Colors, Composite Overprint?

The FOGRA Media wedge on the other hand enables customers to compare prints across printers, over a print run, or against the ISO standard, for example.

The Altona Test will print with the FOGRA media wedge if the user has chosen the correct settings that are valid for the integrity of the document. (See Altona Demo Script @ http://www.efi.com/support/prepress/fiery/graphic-arts/how-to/ )

The FOGRA media wedge can also be applied to ANY job in one of two ways:

1. Fiery users can now easily include the Ugra/FOGRA Media Wedge in their documents, by incorporating the "Ugra FOGRA-MediaWedge V2.2x.EPS" file supplied in the "Color Bars" folder of the User CD. (A copy of the user CD is supplied on the Fiery itself).

2. The same file can be loaded by the Control Bar feature of the Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition.

To make the FOGRA wedge the default bar go to ColorWise Pro Tools->Color Set-Up-> Control Bar. Click on ‘Default’->Edit->ColorBar EPS File “Custom” -> Browse -> E:\efi\user_sw\Windows Color Files\Color Bars

Therefore, the Ugra/FOGRA Media Wedge can very conveniently be stamped on demand, on any document, by activating the Control Bar PPD option. Job Info-> Reporting.

On the Fiery we license the FOGRA Media Wedge with the Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition. The EPS is encrypted such that it will ONLY print on Fiery devices.