View Full Version : Differences with Source and Simulation in CWS5

05-14-2009, 12:05 PM
I don't seem to see the CMYK simulation option anymore in the new Fiery Command WorkStation 5. With simulation gone, for those who ran their rgb through sim, is there now an alternative workflow?

With Command WorkStation 5 we have not removed any features or functionality. Some of the color options are no longer visible from the “Basic” dialog but are still available. To access these click on the "Advanced" tab to make your selection.

TIP: Leave the pointer over the color space boxes to see tool tips containing additional settings; go to Expert to change them.

If simulation is gone, what will be reflected at the driver?

Simulation as an option has not been changed, instead it has been renamed as “Source” to better indicate that this should represent the CMYK values of the source CMYK images coming into the Fiery.