View Full Version : How do I profile the Canon Clearcoat Engine?

05-14-2009, 11:26 AM
How do I profile the Canon Clearcoat Engine?

The Clear Coat Feature, as the name suggests enables a user to apply a clear coat of toner broadly accross an entire page or to selected areas of a page. The visual difference can be subtle or pronounced depending on the viewing angle.

In my not-too-scientific findings I find the effect is also measurable:
Coating on/off over White Paper, Ave DE: 1.75
Coating on/off over Colored Patches, Ave DE: 3.40
Print Variability: Ave DE: 0.65
Instrument Variability: Ave DE: 0.22

So what does this mean:
1. You can make a profile using Fiery Color Profiler Suite with Gloss On or with Gloss OFF.
2. If you are applying a uniform Gloss then select the Gloss On profile and if not then the Gloss Off profile.
3. EFI can not apply two different output profiles to a page so in instances where you are applying gloss to only some areas of the page then you need to determine whether the gloss is or is not covering color critical objects, such as Logos / Pantones etc and choose the appropriate profile.