View Full Version : Creating and using a Color Profile with my Fiery/Copier

05-14-2009, 09:54 AM
Creating and using a Color Profile with my Fiery/Copier

I have color profiling software (CP or 3rd party) and would like to make an accurate output profile of my Fiery/copier. How can I do this? There are so many settings in Colorwise’s Color Setup. What is the optimal way to set them (prior to printing my patch page)?

“Once output profile of Fiery/copier is created, how would I properly use it in following scenarios?

- Color management only done on Fiery
- Color management done external to Fiery

05-14-2009, 09:55 AM
When creating a profile for a printer it is important that the printer is running at its optimal best and running with no color or gamut restrictions applied. In essence this means that you would calibrate the printer, but not apply any color management when printing out the profile patches.

When using the EFI Color Profiler Suite, we know this is important so when sending the patch pages to the printer, we ensure that no color management is applied. This is performed automatically regardless of the Fiery settings that may be seen within the Job Properties or Driver Properties.

When using the profile on the Fiery, the profile should be set as the output profile in the Expert Color Settings Tab. The profile can be imported into the Fiery using the Profile Manager within ColorWise Pro Tools.

In general EFI would not recommend that customers perform color management external to the RIP. All the profile tells the external application is the extent of the printer gamut and how colors can be mapped to the printer. It is not possible for Adobe for example to know how the screening works, how Spot Color Management is performed, or how composite overprint of the colors would effect the job which can not be captured in the color profile. We encourage our customers to let the Fiery perform the color management at the last minute so as to ensure they are getting the most out of their output device.