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05-11-2018, 02:12 PM
I have a customer who drags-and-drops many (thousands of) individual files to a Fiery Hot Folder. Each file is a heavily photo-laden, 2-page, 11x17 document. The Hot Folder is used to select media, duplex L/R, specify output profile and the output tray. The jobs land in the Hold queue. Would be better still if they landed Processed and Held.

For reasons beyond our control, the jobs don't arrive at the Fiery, or in the Hold queue, in alphanumeric filename order. It is possible to sort jobs in the Hold queue in filename order, but that is for display purposes only. We would like to print the jobs strictly in filename order.

Is this something Fiery JobFlow can make happen? If so, how?



05-21-2018, 10:18 AM

with JobFlow Base, the free version, you can have jobs print in order via:
1. The collect module. With the Collect module you can tell JobFlow to hold jobs until a number of jobs or pages have been reached. JobFlow will release in order when limit is triggered.
2. Submit jobs as an archive or folder.
3. Submit jobs via a JobFlow Ticket.

More info at https://www.efi.com/library/efi/documents/768/efi_fiery_jobflow_cookbook_ig_en_us.pdf and https://www.efi.com/products/fiery-servers-and-software/fiery-workflow-suite/fiery-jobflow/jobflow-library/
Hans Sep, product manager Fiery JobFlow

05-21-2018, 08:19 PM
Thanks, Hans.

I did test out the Collect module. I simply wanted to ensure that jobs were released in filename order to the Fiery hold queue. I wanted each job released individually from JobFlow so that each job showed up individually in the Fiery hold queue. So: collect by job count; release jobs = Individual; order = by name. Result: job order was NOT preserved, but scrambled. Never the same way twice.

Then, I tried this: collect by job count; release jobs = merged (quantity = 10); order = by name. Result: original jobs were merged into blocks of 10, and released to the Fiery hold queue, but each released job adopted the name of the workflow followed by a time stamp. If two released jobs were created within the same minute, the job names were identical. The time stamp did not go so far as to include seconds, and I was uncertain if two same-named merged jobs would reliably print in order.

My concern might be misplaced, but the renaming of merged jobs to adopt the workflow name made them generic and not identifiable to a Fiery operator who might have to separate (i.e., select and print) one print series from another. I then thought, I could create ten identical workflows but with different names, but then, then names would still be meaningless to a Fiery operator as to which original job(s) had been merged.

The real killer came when the customer told me he also had to print jobs in reverse alphanumeric order, due to manual handling of printed sets when fed through an offline folding machine. On exiting the folding machine, the stack of jobs would be re-reversed into forward alphanumeric order.

This was close, Hans, but the customer, who had Creo before, and some issues with the newer Creo, was trialing a Fiery, and was much enamored of the better color quality and color management tools (including CPS) with Fiery. He was ready to take as an article of faith that we would be able to solve the print-in-filename-order problem. Unfortunately we were not able to do that, and the customer is retreating back to Creo because the filename order thing (forward and reverse) is a mission-critical issue.

There is still time to pull a rabbit out of a hat, if you have any magic. The Creo software is en route for probable install next week.



05-22-2018, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the feedback Steve. I've also gotten an email on this from the SDM involved. Let me work out a solution for this and get back to you. Reverse job order... hmm.