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12-06-2017, 09:08 PM
I have a client who prints from Excel and creates saddle booklets using his Fiery driven printer. They print the “entire workbook” as their print range choice, and for the most part, it works with the exception of just a few sheets that print in a “landscape” orientation instead of portrait. This is due to the print range and sheer size of the data displayed on those particular worksheets.

What happens when these landscape oriented pages are processed through the Fiery print driver into a “booklet” layout is that they print portrait, but the landscape data is reduced down to fit into the portrait orientation of the booklet’s facing pages (stay with me, I know it’s a bit confusing).

They’ve asked me to research and find a way to produce the pages so that they will display all the data (not shrunken down) inside the booklet. Their ideal would be that when the reader gets to these pages they would just simply turn the booklet 90 degrees in their hands and see a sheet that displays all the (landscape) data properly filling the printed page of the booklet at that point in the document.

I’ve experimented with printing the Excel workbook to a PDF, and then, using a combination of an Impose template and a hot folder process, turn that into a booklet. However so far all I’ve come up with is a booklet with either the reduced landscape pages printing out as portrait (as described above), or, if I pre-set up the Impose template to rotate the specific landscape pages I get the desired layout.

So the second method works, the only “catch” is that the “landscape” pages always needed to fall into the exact same pages every time. So for example if I have a 12 page document, and pages 8-9 are landscape, I can set my Impose template up to properly rotate those, except that for the very next print job, those pages could now be pages 10-11, and so on, changing from job to job.

So now I’ve turned my experimentation with this project to JobFlow. I’m thinking that printing to PDF, and dropping that into a smart folder JobFlow workflow might be the way to go. That workflow would need to rotate any “landscape” pages to portrait as a first step, and then apply a booklet imposition, fold, and staple. Those last steps could easily be accomplished via a Fiery DFE workflow as the last step in the JobFlow workflow. Therefore the main thing that I need the JobFlow workflow to accomplish is to ensure that all the PDF pages are properly orientated prior to applying the Fiery workflow settings.

So far I haven’t been able to make the JobFlow Base (read “free”) product do this, so I’m thinking that I may need the full JobFlow licensed version. I’m just not sure my small business client is going to want to add more than just “impose” to their costs for any solution, so I wanted to throw this workflow challenge out to the forum just to make sure that I’m not missing some capability of the JobFlow base product that I haven’t thought of yet.


12-07-2017, 06:06 AM
Do you have JobMaster? I believe this is something JobMaster can do. And presumably add that as a step in a JobFlow workflow.