View Full Version : Fiery JobFlow 2.3 is now available

11-29-2017, 03:44 PM
Good day everyone!

I am pleased to announce JobFlow 2.3 is now available for download.

For JobFlow Base, the free version, we have added the following features:

JobFlow Collect.
Batch jobs based on job or page count, so you finally get more than one job on a single sheet. When you add the Collect module to a workflow JobFlow waits until it reaches the number of jobs or total pages between jobs and then releases them individually, as a single merged PDF or as a collated and merged PDF. Fiery JobFlow Collect allows you to collect multiple business cards or booklets on a sheet.

JobFlow Global Search.
With JobFlow Base you can now quickly add a workflow step by searching for what you want to do. Instead of clicking through multiple drop-down menus just start typing in the module search field.

Support for all new Fiery Impose features.
JobFlow now supports all the new Fiery Impose features introduced in CWS6.0 and CWS6.1. That includes support for gang up automation by trim box size, auto page rotation, layout offset and margin control significantly reducing the number of Fiery Impose templates needed. Please note that in order to support new Fiery Impose features you need to upgrade CWS6.1.

Edit workflow name and description.
Took a few years but one can finally change the name of a workflow. And to better understand why you build that workflow months ago, you can now also add a workflow description.

Jobs dashboard update.
Users can now see all the job states in a single view, and we have updated the layout, so it makes full use of your big, shiny monitor.

In Fiery JobFlow, the paid version, in addition to all new features in Fiery JobFlow Base, we have added support for Pitstop 2017, and we made it much easier to add your own, custom modules.

Instead of having to manually configure 3rd party applications and struggling with command line instructions and parameters you can now use JobFlow Connect Packages. JobFlow Connect Packages can be imported directly into JobFlow after which JobFlow will manage the installation process of all required resources. Want to create your JobFlow modules or help customers by creating JobFlow Connect Packages? Contact me at hans.sep[at]efi.com!

We have added new sample workflows for you to try at http://www.efi.com/products/fiery-servers-and-software/fiery-workflow-suite/fiery-jobflow/jobflow-library/

If you have a Fiery and want to try Fiery JobFlow free for 30 days, go to http://www.efi.com/marketing/fiery-servers-and-software/campaigns/fieryjobflow-30day-trial/

If you have more questions read the updated Fiery JobFlow help at http://help.efi.com/jobflow/ or leave a message on the forum.