View Full Version : Trouble with yellow

06-13-2017, 06:53 AM
I am having trouble with the yellows that are part of our brand. They adjusted it so the InDesign files are pretty close --but now the power point files look really mustardy --any ideas what I could adjust for overall consistency? In the past we have just been able to run without making any changes.

06-13-2017, 07:47 AM
Have you always run InDesign files and PPT files and they matched your brand? That would be very lucky!

Are the colors specified as spot colors in InDesign? If so Fiery Spot-On lets you adjust the spot color without having to go bacl and change the InDesign files.

Powerpoint is all RGB, no spot colors. So you need a way to map and RGB color combination to your brand color. Fiery Spot-On does this too through a feature we call substitute color.

Help us with the answers to these questions and we'l tell you how to proceed.

1. What are your brand colors in terms of spot colors like Pantone?

2. Are spots ot process builds used to match these colors from InDeisgn?

3. Does your Fiery have Spot On? Go to the Device Center -> Resources -> Spot Colors and see if you see a way to edit spot color libraries

4. Not critical, but are you calibrating and making custom color output profles for your Fiery-driven print system? Only because if you are not then you'll always have to be adjusting the spot colors as the printer ages. Maybe thats why everything used to match?