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05-26-2017, 08:44 AM

Currently at our company we are trying to automate the production of Web to Print online orders through an onsite propriety order system.

When a customer orders a piece, the PDF is generated using fusion pro and then dropped into a hotfolder created by Switch Automation, along with XML data that tells the file how to impose and then drops the file into a holding folder.

We are now working on setting up a workflow where a JDF ticket is produced, referencing the imposed order, and printing the order, with a specific predefined page count, stock and page number to print, so that we can print the job, and a job ticket out of two separate paper drawers on our I-Gen 4.

We can currently produce a file that the I-Gen can see and grab the files from the holding folder and rip on the press, but cannot figure out how to auto designate stock, page count or amount to print.

Attached is a zip file containing the JDF and where we stand with it in our production. 1733

Any help would be appreciated!

We figured it out.