View Full Version : Number of copies randomizes on Win10/EX4110

04-02-2017, 10:56 PM

We still use an old EX4110 for driving a Xerox 4110 and face a strange problem: It seems that the Fiery gets confused with the number of copies we want to print.

For example, sometimes, the Fiery prints hundreds of copies if I only want a single page. And ait almost ever refuses to print more than one copy if I want more :-(

Setting it manually in CWS works, of course. Other (newer) Fierys work like a charm.

Is there a known driver problem regarding Windows 10?

04-03-2017, 12:05 AM
I think the most likely answer for the issue you are seeing is that there isn't a Win 10 driver for the EXP4110 ? Both Xerox & EFI.com do not list one for the Fiery EXP4110 neither is there an updated driver on the Fiery Patch Update url I don't think there is a Win 7 driver either? I think we just used the XP driver when we have installed on a Win 7 Client in the past - I would hazard a guess that this wouldn't be a supported configuration now ? I might be wrong..

04-03-2017, 12:44 AM
Almost absolutely correct ... it was the Vista x64 driver ;-)

But anyway, shouldn't Postscript be somehow portable in a way, that at least the Fiery server would be able to parse the header of the print file correctly?

Or do you think, using a "generic" Postscript driver in conjunction with the proper PPD could do the trick?