View Full Version : Fiery Command Workstaion hangs or crashes randomly

03-16-2017, 06:49 AM
I have a Fiery E-42B connected to a Ricoh Pro C5100. I manage print jobs from a Mac with Fiery Command Workstation SP2.

The problem Iím having is that CWS hangs/crashes at random, even when no one has sent a print job.

The symptoms are:

Command Workstation has not crashed, but jobs are not appearing in the queue.

Command Workstation has crashed and wonít re-connect when re-launching

To troubleshoot, this is what Iíve done:

I ping the Fiery, it gives positive results - the device is on and communicating over the network

Click on the Fiery icon on the Ricoh - it stays on "Please wait"

On the E-42B, when I press the button to display IP address - it doesn't show it

When I type in the IP address of the printer in a web browser, - it doesnít display an interface

I attached a mouse and keyboard to the Fiery - I can log in directly

I launch CWS from the Fiery - it also fails to connect

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I set it to never check for Windows updates. I manually check twice a week.

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I check for other processes that could cause a conflict - canít see any that are obvious

In Windows 7 in the Fiery, I check for Services that have shut down that shouldnít be - canít see any that are obvious

The workaround:

In Windows in the Fiery, I restart the EFI Fiery service even though it says itís running.

I have to do this every day, sometimes twice in a day.

Is there something I should be looking for, either in Windows or Fiery software?

03-17-2017, 05:31 AM
I have it sent to direct all print jobs to the "Hold" queue, but should that make a difference?

03-27-2017, 07:20 AM
What can I check for in Event Viewer?

04-18-2017, 02:00 PM
This may very well resolve your issue..
I found that after loggin into remote desktop...I viewed the Windows Event Viewer System logs...there was an IPv6 Stack error occuring every 30 secs or so... On the nic card connected to the customers local network...I turned it off. The random "offline" issues were resolved immediately. Everyone was blaming the network but I realized there was an issue with the fiery as the menu button was froze...Windows is running thus pinging works...but the Fiery side is "broken" unresponsive to the web page or menu screen on the fiery lcd screen. And you would always get the message "...invalid ip." Hope this helps someone else.