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01-13-2017, 10:02 AM
My company has decided to explore using hot folders and JDFs to completely automate our printing system. However, none of us have any experience with these tools and don't quite know where to begin (the entire process can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start). We were wondering if anyone could point us in the right direction with possibly a working example of a JDF system and maybe some pointers on where to go from there. Thanks to all who help!

01-30-2017, 11:10 AM
Hi there,

The best place to start is CIP4 website. https://www.cip4.org/
They have their Confluence page where they talk about how to get started as well as a few helpful tools for your to test your JDF such as https://confluence.cip4.org/display/PUB/JDFToolbox

We can provide our Fiery JDF specification as well as a few JDF samples for Fiery that will give you some ideas what type of things you can automate.

Thank you,