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10-20-2016, 12:37 AM
I installed new driver on MacOS Sierra 10.12, and the bidi communication doesn't work, an error message "Wrong DNS or IP address".
Have you some ideas?

Fiery E23C FD5.1
Fiery E42B FD5.1
MacOS 10.12

10-21-2016, 11:13 AM
Hi yann,

Our engineers tested the drivers you mentioned on a macOS 10.12 system and were not able to reproduce the issue you encountered.

We will continue to see what else could be causing this issue. In the meantime, can you tell us more about what you have installed? Did you update your driver through the Fiery Driver Updater or did you download the 10.12 patch and apply it? Is this a fresh 10.12 system or did you update it from an older version?


11-15-2016, 10:52 AM
Hi, we have also experienced the issue in our office that after installing the latest Fiery driver on a Mac OS Sierra 10.12 system, the bi-directional communication cannot be enabled and gives a "Wrong DNS or IP address" error. This happens with a fresh driver install without any previous Fiery drivers installed. Also, the driver description appears it will support back to Mac OS 10.7, but also have issues with it installed on Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan that it will not open the "Full Properties" screen. The previous Fiery driver for 10.11 works fine under 10.11.

Driver: KM_IC306_IC3600_v2_0R_FD51_v1.dmg (for Mac OS 10.7-10.12)
Download date: 11-3-16
RIP: Fiery PRO80 70-60C KM PS Color Server 2.0
System: Mac OS 10.12 Sierra

Please advise any troubleshooting steps or when a driver fix will be released.

12-13-2016, 01:08 PM
Hi Bob,

I would advise to uninstall the driver from the system completely using Fiery Software Uninstaller. Then reinstall the full driver from the download center.

Did you update to 10.12 while the driver was already installed or did you install it afterwards?


01-05-2017, 02:32 PM
I encountered this issue as well, at an account upgrading from a C8000/IC-306 to a C1085/IC-308H v2.1. Three MacOS client computers running Sierra (MacOS 10.12.2), and all configured with a static IP address using a 192.168.0.x schema where their router was parsing out 10.10.1.x addresses via DHCP. I don't know if that's relevant.

I did remove existing IC-306 drivers using the Fiery Uninstall utility prior to installing the IC-308H drivers, which I pulled over from the Fiery (not the web).

In some instances, not sure why (maybe the Bonjour connection?), in the application's Print dialog, under Two Way Communication, the Printer Address field was populated with the Printer Name instead of an IP address. To fix that, I removed and reinstalled the driver using an IP Printer connection.

But then, with Two Way Communication enabled, when I clicked on Full Properties, after a long moment, I'd get the error, "You have entered an invalid IP address or DNS Name."

This is not Sierra-specific. This also happened on my work laptop, a MacBook Pro running El Capitan (MacOS 10.11.5), but I did not scrub old drivers using the Fiery Uninstall utility on my laptop. I was also connected to the Fiery via a crossover cable.

01-05-2017, 04:55 PM
Do not set the printer up with Bonjour.

Use straight IP, LPD. The queue name is the virtual printer name. The built in default virtual printers are print and hold (case sensitive).


01-05-2017, 07:28 PM
I should have mentioned, I do usually set up with IP Printer - though with that connection it seems I have to manually configure the hardware options in the driver (not so with the Bonjour connection).

I only started exploring the Bonjour connection while troubleshooting this issue - but it doesn't matter - the "Wrong DNS or IP Address" error occurs whether using Bonjour or IP Printer.

07-13-2017, 09:24 AM
I have a XeroxJ75connected to an EXJ75 controller. The problem is that when the customer prints to it, the can not use any of the options like staple or hole punch. The printer is a share printer that is mounted to a Windows Server 2008R2. I have made sure all the options are seen by the driver ( using the Acce. Tab ) I also have made sure that Bi-Directional Communications are enabled. It just doesn't work. The Customer has windows 10 and 7 machines.

07-13-2017, 03:48 PM
Hi jables,

Do you observe these issues on Windows 10 & Windows 7 only? Any issues on Mac?
What application are you trying to print from, adobe cc apps, ms office, etc.?
Are you using the latest driver from the EFI download center? (http://www.efi.com/support-and-downloads/download-center/?type=&oem=&sid=&model=&os=)

Also, have you routed this questions through Xerox support yet? If not, please do so just so it can be logged properly.