View Full Version : Connect to IP but can't send file

08-05-2016, 10:25 AM
I've got 5 printers I'd like to be able to send files to. I am able to connect via the "Locations" tab in settings. Two of the IP addresses are working with no issue, but 3 of them are not.

What would cause me to test the connection successfully, but have it fail when I put it through a workflow?

I should note that this behavior is the same across two different servers. (A development server and a production server, with two different IP addresses)

08-05-2016, 10:37 AM
Hi strido, we would need more information about the Fiery's you connected. Are they all on the same network? Any firewall enabled? Etc.

I will ask the team to see how we can better identify why a job fails. Could be time out?
Hans Sep, Product Line Manager Fiery JobFlow

08-05-2016, 10:52 AM
They're all on the same network, correct.

As a matter of fact I just added two more that works, too.

So the score is 3 4 work and 3 don't. Strange.' All the printers are indeed on the same network.

How can I tell if they have a firewall enabled?