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05-12-2016, 12:12 AM
Hi we have recently just installed our first Versant 80 and have a job where we would like to match a colour to a customer’s previous job that was printed litho.

It doesn’t have spot colours/pantones as such its made up of a none ICC profile CMYK values.

Our ‘problem/annoyance’ is deciding how to go about this and whether we are doing it wrong/right.

Our pdf is pretty much covered in a blue. ( Think Letterhead!)

We start off by creating a colour output profile for the paper we are printing on and also the paper that the job has been done on before but not by our digital machine.

We create this – and impose the job etc.

*The PDF’s ICC is set to none – which is also an issue when this happens, what is the best source profile to set this to? BYPASS CONVERSION/COLORWISE OFF/ OR OTHER???/DEFAULT FOGRA39??? *

We went for COLORWISE OFF. – as this is what we set up the output profile on.

Then we went into Device Centre – Resources – spot colours - Job properties set to how we will be printing the job,
- Add new – substitute colour group – (again assuming we are correct.)
– then input the CMYK value in of the colour to be matched (which we found out from pitstop)
– Edit colour
– printed off a colour neighbour pattern and then matched closest.
- selected the same value on the edit substitute colour window. Saved
– printed job with substitute colour selected in the colour tab on job properties
– Compared the printout to the customer’s copy
- then went back and repeated until we got a near enough same colour.


If so is it just plain old perseverance???

We had very little training on this part – no example training etc so are abit in the dark about this! :confused:

05-16-2016, 12:55 PM
Your method with substitute work even with Color management enabled which it should be if you want your rgb and CMYK data to look good when printing. Fiery substitutes colors based on their original tint values in the file even with CM on.


05-16-2016, 01:53 PM
There is a way to use Spot-On if you want, but it does involve going back to the original document or the PDF in Acrobat (you need PitStop Pro to do this in Acrobat) and set the color in question to a custom spot color.

To make a custom spot color use Device Center/Resources/Spot Colors. Create a custom profile and use a spectro to read the color off the previously printed brochure. Make sure the output profile you intend to use when printing the document is selected in Properties when you create the custom profile. You will probably want to write down the LAB value so that the Spot Color looks reasonably close on the screen when you open the original document in it original app or in Acrobat. You can name your Custom Spot Color anything you want but that name need to be consistent across all apps.

Once you have created the Custom Spot you can then use Spot-On to adjust it just the same way you do any other spot color.

05-16-2016, 05:21 PM
No need to go back to the original and change anything. All you need to know is, what are the specific file CMYK or RGB values in the vector art in question.

An advanced Fiery can be told to look for those (with either a small or a larger tolerance range), and treat them as if they were named colors.

Then you can tell the Fiery to do anything in those areas, anything at all.

05-17-2016, 12:10 AM
Thank you so much, guys for all of your replies! ALOT of great info and help here, exactly what we needed! ;)

Think we can be more confident about colour matching and using profiles etc from now on.