View Full Version : 90-120 sec. delay printing from Win7 PC to KM8000 PRESS (Fiery IC306 v2.0)

02-29-2016, 01:01 PM
Okay...so we have had all sorts of issues with our Fiery Production Printers since our company moved our print shop to a new building last August. We had been in the same building and print shop location for 20+ years with virtually zero issues to speak of. When I took over Graphics/Duplication Svcs support for Macs/PCs/Printers in March '15, could count on one hand the number of user, network and server issues when it came to printing. Since our move in August, I can count on one hand the number of EACH user, network and server issues on one hand...per month!

I am near certain they are network related because nothing changed upon the move other than location, network segment and the introduction of IP Phones. Our network team insists there is nothing wrong and we've had our service providers come in and update the Cmd Workstation 5 on each Fiery box with all latest updates that had not been installed since before I arrived (primarily because the fiery workstations are NOT connected to the domain, nor have a standard image associated like the other PCs and servers supported. But again, everything worked as designed before we moved.

The two biggest issues are random daily drops in communication with the Fiery Workstations (have to physically reboot BOTH the printer and workstation...only one will not fix the problem)...and the sudden 90-120 sec delay in sending jobs from a local Win7 PC to our KM8000PRESS printer. The random daily drops have been occurring since the move, the send delay began suddenly about two weeks after updates were applied to the fiery workstation.

I honestly see no reason to update anything since other PC's have both locally and server-based installed printers and are not having this issue. Just this one PC and its the main printer operator. No updates to the computer prior to or after the fiery updates were applied...nor any driver updates. But still uninstalled the printer and deleted the drivers, reinstalled and problem still exists.

If anyone has seen anything similar in the past (particularly when introducing new equipment to the existing network), can you shed some light on what the heck I am dealing with here? I'm close to doing something that can get me fired by submitting an emergency Severity ONE ticket to our service desk to the network team and pull them off everything they're working on to get this resolved.