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11-24-2015, 03:00 PM
Hi, we are using Fiery XF 6.2.2 but the Mac client is unable to connect to the server. We encounter the following error:

"Unknown error code returned by the Server"

The IP address and the username/pw are correct. In fact, we are able to log in and work as normal on two other Macs, one in my office and the other in the IT dept. The only Macs that are not able to log in are the ones on the production floor. I can ping and access the server from the production floor by using the Apple OS, just not via the EFI client.

I did swop two Macs - one from the office, one from the production floor - and the problem still occurs regardless of the physical or network location.

All of the Macs have the same OS and same updates. My guess is that it is the Apple Security that is somehow blocking the request from the cleint to the server but cannot see where that might be. The Apple Firewall is turned off by default.

I did contact EFI directly and they suggested it was possibly a network security issue but moving the Macs from one location to another did not change the outcomes.

We've had this issue since upgrading from Fiery XF 6.0

Using Mac OS 10.9.5
EFI Fiery XF Server 6.2.2
EFI Fiery XF Client 6.2.2 Build 1153

Any help would be appreciated.

11-27-2015, 12:38 PM
Hello there,

There is a separate forum for Fiery XF issues, it is here:

You'll need to create a new login for that forum (sorry) and then you will find answers and experts there.