View Full Version : PDF Support Applications Enfocus does not start up

10-09-2015, 07:21 AM
I have a SeeQuence Suite Dongle which allows me to install the PDF Support Applications on my Mac OSX 10.9.5. after install EnFocus does not show up in the Acrobat X tools panel but as far as I can tell it was installed as I see everything Enfocus related inside Acrobat’s App package contents Plug-In folder and in Library/Application Support/Enfocus/

I did have a version of Acrobat X installed prior but ran the acrobat uninstaller before adding this version.

10-20-2015, 02:00 PM
Check that Acrobat is recognizing the plugin. From the Menu Bar select Acrobat->”About Third-Party Plug-Ins” and you should see Enfocus PitStop Edit listed as an option. If it is not listed then you could try uninstalling both Acrobat and PitStop then reinstalling then.

Also check that the versions of Acrobat and PitStop that you are running are compatible with each other.
http://supportportal.enfocus.com/SupportPortalSolution?id=501D0000000jfdFIAQ (http://supportportal.enfocus.com/SupportPortalSolution?id=501D0000000jfdFIAQ)