View Full Version : Questions: Device link | RGB Colorspace inconsistencies

10-08-2015, 09:08 AM
I have several questions i'm hoping someone can answer.

1. Lately i've tried the device link setup in FCPS, and while i understand the spot color run i don't understand the others. My original intent was to match my Xerox 770's print to the Xerox 1000i's printout using device link. As they are two different architectures i can understand the difference i will get when printing with the same settings, but my impression was Device link was to make them identical or at least closer. so options 1 and 3 in device link i'd like some more info on.

2. I've been having trouble understanding why a photo imported into photoshop in the sRGB colorspace and outputted into another adobe program and then converted to PDF and ran in CWS with the sRGB colorspace makes it look pale (person picture) whereas when i use Adobe colorspace in CWS it comes out perfect. If a photo is taken using a digital camera i assume it is in Adobe RGB format, then why does the Photoshop colorspaces not change the photo. I've notice that many jobs i get the RGB is in sRGB and when i print with Adobe RGB it is right on. Can someone explain this?

3. I've read up on GraCOL and SWOP, and when i print them i find SWOP coated 3 to be best rather than GraCOL which is supposed to have the bigger colorspace. Anyone have favorites or explanations as to which is best to use when?

Thank you for your time