View Full Version : Mac OS 10.10.4 and Xerox 700i printing problems

Ian Renwick
09-22-2015, 09:10 PM
Printer is Xerox 700i Digital Colour Press
Printing problem: Since updating to Mac OS 10.10.4 or Adobe Indesign CC 2015 (at about the same time) I am now having printing issues that is exacerbated when an image is included. It prepares and starts spooling the file. It gets to varying percentage of completion and either goes so slow or stops spooling at a given/variable percentage. This can happen with various applications. If the file is text only then it seems to work OK.

I have downloaded and (after uninstalling previous drivers) installed the latest printer driver using XC_Integrated700i_v1_0R_EFIGSBpDX_FD47_v1.dmg

I have also downloaded and installed Fiery Printer Driver 10.10 patch.dmg (v1.2)

10-27-2015, 06:39 AM
We moved from printing directly from indesign to pdf's, dragging and dropping them in command workstation and printing that way. Saves a lot of headache with updates as it is not as crucial to have print drivers. It used to be a nightmare, ever OS update brought printing issues or had to wait for a new print driver.

No solution for you unfortunately, though I can say life got easier when we started using pdf's instead of printing direct.