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09-14-2015, 09:25 AM
This seems like it should be possible but I'm either missing a step or it isn't possible. As I have it configured files will hit the first preflight and if they pass, great, but if the fail, that's where the flow stops completely short of a manual override.

What I'm trying to do is cut down on the # of folders I have to choose from when submitting jobs. Using postcard orders as an example, where we've got 3 different sizes, all running on the same stock but imposition is different based on the size of the card.
So I will have 3 Workflows in JobFlow (Half, Quarter, Long). But instead of having 3 different folders to drop files into (which could easily result in dropping a file into the wrong folder) - I'd like to have a 4th Workflow (CardRouter) that will be the SmartFolder I use for all postcard orders. So I would drop all the postcard files into the CardRouter folder, and that Workflow would look something like this:

Input (CardRouter)
Convert to PDF
Preflight HalfSize
if passes copy to 4upCard Workflow
Preflight QtrSize
if passes copy to 8upCard Workflow
Preflight LontSize
if passes copy to 3upCard Workflow
Output SMB Failed (if none of the above passed, send the file to this folder and email Admin)
if passes email Admin

Is there a way to make a single workflow keep going after failing a preflight short of directing it to a different Workflow?
Is there a more elegant way to accomplish this goal with the current version of JobFlow?


09-14-2015, 09:36 AM
Hi Rick,

yes this is most definitely possible with JobFlow but you will need to upgrade to the paid version for this. If you can reach out to me at hans[dot]sep[at]efi[dot]com then I can provide a trial license and instructions on how to set up this workflow.
Hans Sep
Product Manager Fiery JobFlow

09-14-2015, 09:39 AM
We do have the full version. I have the job flow set up, the problem is just getting it to flow from one preflight to the next - the flow stops as soon as it fails the first preflight.