View Full Version : Fiery JobFlow 2.1 is available

08-10-2015, 03:32 PM
We are pleased to announce Fiery JobFlow 2.1 now available as an update through Fiery Software Manager.

For details about what is new in this release, we recommend reviewing the information at efi.com/fieryjobflow, which includes details about the new functionality.

With this new release we have made the following new features available:

Upload jobs by drag-and-drop. Submit jobs by dragging and dropping them on top of the workflow you want to use in the Fiery JobFlow interface
Merge jobs. Combine files in a single PDF file when multiple files are submitted in a zip file or in a folder. The files will be merged in the order listed in the zip file or the folder.
Override preflight errors. Override preflight error status to advance the job through the workflow without resubmitting it.
Reorder modules. Reorder the modules within a workflow by dragging and dropping them in the right column in Edit mode.
Improved usability of Enfocus Smart Variables. Find out more about a Smart Variable with better descriptions of the attributes assigned to it.

We are always interested in customer feedback and feature requests so leave a message here on the forum or send me a private message.