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07-31-2015, 07:15 AM
I am using JobFlow Base. I have added a Fiery 9 Rel 2 server in Locations, created a Workflow and it works fine - the job gets imposed, a Process and Hold and moves into the Held queue.

However, in JobFlow, when I click Presets for the server under Output, all I get is "No Presets". Presets exist both in Command Workstation v5.3 on the server and on my local CWS v5.7.

Does anyone know why JobFlow can't see them?

07-31-2015, 08:03 AM
Prior to System 10, the ONLY place presets exist are within an individual install of Command Workstation. ONLY that installation of CWS could use those presets. Even though another CWS might be talking to that Fiery, it wouldn't have access to your CWS presets.

Starting with System 10, the option became available to store the presets on the Fiery itself (depending on what model Fiery). Those presets are available to anyone and everyone connecting to that Fiery, no matter whether it's CWS or the print dialog box.

And those server-based presets are what JobFlow can see. It can't see your local CWS-only presets.

Do you have someone you can contact to provide you on-site training and application development for your Fiery-based solution?

07-31-2015, 08:30 AM
Thanks Adam - that makes sense.
I thought System 9 Rel 2 had server presets, but it looks like we can't get there from here without System 10.
That's also probably why we don't have a Presets selection under Device Center | Workflows.

I am accustomed to copying presets.xml to "share" presets among various CWS installations.
So, we can still use Hot Folders on individual CWS machines.

12-29-2015, 08:37 AM
Can you tell me what folder the presets are saved in?