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06-22-2015, 12:00 PM
Can anyone share a complete JDF template that works with Xerox Fiery CWS?

I used the JDFExpress Ticket and got a VERY basic JDF and have been working a lot just to get the file to transfer to the printer without error. So far i have the basics like the runlist, job header, and customer info working but i couldn't find any examples of the MISDetails, Sheduling, or anything on the Media Tab. The CIP4 JDF schema made it seem like this could go for thousands of different products and i only need one template to work with my printers (Xerox 1000, 770, 136).

Thank you,

07-24-2015, 03:09 PM
Hi there,

Sorry about getting back to you late.
We can provide some JDF samples files for you to learn more.

Could you please send me your e-mail address at yusuke.kondo@efi.com?

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