View Full Version : Mac 10.10 driver for KonicaMinolta IC413 v1.11

02-16-2015, 02:00 AM

Is there a new OS X 10.10 driver for Ic413 v1.11 without "plug and play" installer?
Only the driver "unattended install" for many users

03-05-2015, 02:15 PM
I just downloaded the new Mac 10.10 driver. Prior to install I used the Fiery Software Uninstaller to uninstall the existing driver. Installation went without any issues, but when I attempt to access Full Features with 2-way communication checked there is a long delay and then I receive the error: You have entered an invalid IP Address or DNS Name. I tried creating new printers in a variety of ways (Bonjour, IP, etc). I always receive this error. I am certain the IP Address is correct and am able to ping the printer without issue. When I turn 2-way communication off I can access Full Features but it takes a long time. Any help would be appreciated.

05-06-2015, 10:26 AM

There is a patch to address the issue you mentioned.

Details here: