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12-04-2013, 08:39 AM

I have a customer that is printing from indesign, and he created the grean color in cmyk, mixture cyan and yellow.

But when he prints the job the color dont match any good, and when he look in a loupe on the paper he can see magenta color added too, but he has only mixture cyan and yellow.

What settings in indesign and fiery can he set to get the best result only with the mixture of cyan/yellow.

Customer using a Xerox Colour 560 with integrated fiery rip, no extra.

Best Regards Mattias
New Xerox Analyst

12-05-2013, 04:51 PM
Hi Mattias,

Your description of your end customers workflow is very limited ? but from what you have written my first guess would be that your customer is printing CMYK through a Simulation profile - so any created colour would be viewed through that profile. As example create a square on a page with 100% Y for example & then print it with the default basic colour settings - because it has used the Fogra39C simulation profile if you RIP & Hold the job & then inspect with Imageviewer it will not be 0,0,100,0 but may well be expressed as 0,0.5,98.5,0.5 or similar. If you wish the Fiery to print "as is" in the colour tab of job properties & select basic - from there look at the CMYK channel & on the Pulldown that shows Fogra39 ISO select bypass conversion - you will see the mimic screen change so that the only addition the Fiery adds is the calibration of the stock..

Give that a try.. & see whether it fixes your issue ? if not re post with a more detailed workflow..

12-09-2013, 02:58 PM
Hi Mattias,

I agree with thistlegorm, but i notice you have an integrated RIP so you will not be able to access Image Viewer because this is part of the graphics arts premium edition (EX servers only).

Your customer has designed a colour using only cyan and yellow, but the Fiery is trying to print the correct appearance of that colour, it does not use colour numbers in the file.

If your customer wants the colour to print using the values in the InDesign file set the following:

Select File > Print then set the following in the InDesign print dialog:

Output > Colour : Composite Leave Unchanged

Colour Management > Options > Colour Handling : Let Postscript Printer Determine Colours THEN make sure that the preserve CMYK number check box IS ticked.

set the CMYK profile to Bypass Conversion.

12-13-2013, 01:50 PM
Great feedback here.

Like mentioned, please ensure InDesign isn't color managing the generated PostScript or PDF. Yes, Fiery will simulate a printing press with the CMYK Source Profile. Set the CMYK Source Profile to Bypass Conversion. Please also calibrate your server with a spectrophotometer if possible.