View Full Version : Held File size seems 3x larger than expected

08-06-2013, 09:52 AM
i have two INDESIGN documents. in the finder, the size shows one is 264 MB, the other 203 MB. When printing, in CWS window, the 264 MB shows 402M, but the 203 is OVER 1600 MB! i've had to break in to 3 sections to get it to print without crashing the FIERY. i can't figure out why the file size is so large. both documents are similar, they are product price books with many graphic images.

08-07-2013, 07:44 AM
There could be a number of reasons why one file that arrives at the Fiery is much larger that the other. You mention that there are many graphic images in both files. If these images are linked to the InDesign files instead of embedded in the file, their file size would not be included in the InDesign file size. When printing to the Fiery, the image data will be embedded in the PostScript file that InDesign generates and sends to the Fiery.

It is possible that one file has more images than the other or has images that are of a higher resolution than the other. Either of these options could cause one PostScript file to be much larger than the other.

One alternative option would be to export the InDesign files to PDF and then import the PDF into CWS. The PDF Job Options can be changed to downsample images that are above a resolution you specify.