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05-22-2013, 05:57 AM
I'm having difficulties printing the Ghent Output Suite correctly.
Pdf/x output intent is enabled as well as composite overprint.
The problem is on the second page. 3 boxes are still showing the "X".
Is this a limitation of our controller (E41A on a ProC751) or am I missing a setting?
I can't attach the file because it can't be compressed enough...

08-19-2013, 03:40 PM

Does the "X" appear in the black overprint patch for "GWG 12.0 - White Overprint/Knockout?"
Did you get the test form from a public site like Ghent's website?

Thanks, Matt

08-22-2016, 10:26 AM
I'm just starting to work with the GWG test files myself and am having issues as well with overprints. I got my files from a link on the Fiery University site.

I'm having trouble with fiery honouring certain overprints. I've experimented with multiple output to pdf options all giving me different results. My best results is when I print the original files where almost all overprints are honoured. (after monkeying with Fiery output & input settings)

This tells me that many of my issues are probably import & export settings from InDesign. I did read that the most important part of the Ghent testing is that your screen matches the print so I may be worrying about nothing.

I'm definitely interested to the results of this post though.

08-22-2016, 11:59 AM
PLease see the steps here and let us know how they work.



08-23-2016, 02:37 AM
I've done that already. This resulted with Fiery honouring the overprints in most of files thoughout the Ghent testing; but when I run the Ghent files through our workflow (importing and then exporting from InDesign) I don't get the same results.

I'm having the graphics department export the files in two new ways for testing. One using the FieryOptimized2 settings (from EFI) through distiller and one through trying to match those settings and exporting to PDFs from InDesign. Distiller gives the best results but still doesn't honour as many overprints as printing the raw Ghent files.

I'm thinking this may be because using distiller uses a print engine instead of an export engine so it treats the files / overprints differently. But I'm hoping this can be compensated with by altering additional settings in InDesign (assuming it's the import and export settings that's the issue) Extracting through distiller is extra steps the designers would like to avoid so I'm hoping I can get it working properly through export.

Even today we had a file that was getting a line through it that wasn't on screen, even though wen looking at the guts of the file, it looked like it should have printed fine (could have missed something) the problem was resolved using distiller. We almost never have these problems when we create our own files, it's just when we get files from customers that need changes (eg. Bleeds or changes)

I'm hoping that Fiery has some approved settings for importing and exporting pdf files from InDesign, as this would save a lot of additional research and experimentation.

I'm also wondering if a lot of problems would be fixed if I set them up with drivers to print to the hold queue. (This is how they use to do it before my time, but they stopped doing it this way for reasons I'm not aware of, so I'd like to avoid this solution if possible)

Thanks for your attention on this matter