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04-15-2013, 07:47 AM
How do you restore/remove calibration on a Xerox EX770 with ILS? The restore button is no longer available in the calibrator for CWS 5.4. This useful for troubleshooting calibration problems.

04-15-2013, 10:03 AM
Since System 10, the “Restore Calibration” button is named “Reset to Default Measurements”. This function is available only when user measurements are present. Measurements are reset only for the currently inspected calibration set. Both user-created and factory calibrations can be reset.

Let’s say you want to reset the calibration for the calibration named “Coated”.
• CWS5 > Device Center > Tools > Manage > [Highlight the “Coated” Calibration]
• You see in the table the date and time of the last calibration. For factory measurements (or the original data captured when a user created this calibration), you see: “Last Calibrated: Default Measurements”. Otherwise you see the actual date and time of the last calibration measurement.
• Select “View Measurements”. The button “Reset to Default Measurements” is available (unless the default measurements are already in use).

Another location you can reset measurements is at the last step of a calibration. On the final dialog, you see a button “View Measurements”. The dialog it opens behaves like the one just described.

Be aware that the Calibrator version that you see in CWS5 depends on the version of the Fiery you are connected to. CWS is exposing what the Fiery code base version can do. For instance, CWS5.4 connected to a system 9 will show the “old” Calibrator. You are seeing a newer calibrator with the Xerox EX770 with ILS.

May I help you troubleshoot the calibration problem you are facing?
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