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12-20-2012, 02:43 AM
Hi all

I have been wondering about output profiles within System 9. If I look at the profiles section in CWS, there are media types attached to the generic profiles that come with the system.

Ultimately if I want to doctor one of these generic profiles, I export out and then re-import the profile under a different name. What I don't know is what affect it has if i don't use a media type? What is this used for? Does it affect the profile in any way if i don't select anything? Or is it just to understand what device settings this affects when selecting paper type on the device/MFD?

Also I assume where is says calibration in the output profile section for arguments sake 'plain', any additional output profile(s) imported into the system that has 'plain' in the calibration section will be calibrated using the 'plain' calibration set when calibrating (if that makes sense!)

Thanks for reading and responding

12-20-2012, 12:59 PM
Many Fiery controllers support a feature called "Use Media Defined Profiles". This is accessed in the expert section of color settings on the output profile tab.

If this is enabled, the the media type selected for the job (like "plain", "coated", etc) will be used to determine which output profile to use. So if you are bringing in your own profile and you want to use this feature, associate the new profile with the media type.

If you are just using your duplicate profile for special purposes or testing then don;t assign it a media but choose if for your job in job properties or set it as the server default in Device Center of Command Workstation 5.

Always choose your output profile on the expert tab so that you can disable Use Media Defined profiles if you want to specify the profile yourself rather than having the media type select it.

01-04-2013, 04:10 AM
Hi there

Thanks for the response. That makes things a little clearer for me, thanks.

As far as the calibration question is concerned? Is there anyway i can create a new calibration target on a new paper type? There are of course standard calibration sets like 'plain' within the calibration area on specific paper types with specific Max Dens attached. How do I create new max dens targets on a different media for calibration purposes? Hope that makes sense:)