View Full Version : Problems wit IoneIO and ES-1000

12-03-2012, 07:20 AM
Hi Folks,

I'am using Profilersuite on different Systems (OSX + Windows 7) - also on different Devices (CanonVP7000, Xerox700, and KonicaMinolta6500).
Profiler Suite is running quite well . . .
The Problem I have is using my Ione IO - When i measure my targets (doesn't matter which - I tried all) - I always get a Errormessage by measuring the last row- last Page - "not enough Patch Fields detected)
Eye One Diagnostis quit without Failure (tested two E-1000)
I am suprised, that the same IOne IO is running without Failures on (Oris-Press-Matcher and EyeOneProcess-Control) ;-(

Any Ideas?
Thank your for your answers

Cheers Ingolf