View Full Version : Calibration Sets

11-30-2012, 10:46 AM
Our tech here doesn't remember, since the machine is so old, but how do we calibrate and assign profiles for multiple paper types on a Xerox DC 2060 running CWS 4.1 on a Fiery 2? I've calibrated as you described, but I am unfamiliar with the unique output profile you are describing, i.e. I don't know where to find it or what the file name is.

I was told by our Xerox tech, that if we do upgrade past the CWS version we are on (as stated, it's 4.1) Xerox will not support us, and we will void any agreement we have with them, so upgrading to 5.3 is not the answer.

Also, I totally understand how to calibrate the machine. The question is, when running multiple types of paper, how (if possible) do you calibrate and store profiles for multiple types of paper. We regularly run 9 different types of paper on an almost daily basis, and as I understand it now, we are only creating a calibration set for one type. In the quick printing business it is not feasible to calibrate for each sheet just before you run the job, so we need to calibrate and store. I thought this was done using the Output-1, etc. profiles, but I'd like to see some documentation on the proper way.